Fiddleheads Now Available – View the Map

Fiddleheads are a heritage food in Northern Maine, the first wild food of Spring after the long winters in Aroostook County.

Originally a part of First Nations’ woodlore, Mainers around the state go out every Spring to pick fiddleheads from remote waterways.

The location of a good fiddlehead spot is a closely guarded secret–you can only pick half the fronds in a stand in any given year, and the season is short. Good pickers can come back year after year to locations few people ever see.

While we won’t divulge the exact location of the stand, the code on your package of Wild Aroostook Fiddleheads will show you which headwaters, tributaries, rivers, and streams are part of the waterway your fiddleheads came from.

From our cold and clean Northern forests and watersheds to you, we hope you enjoy this wild bounty from The County!

Click on a location on the map and find the FIRST DIGIT of your lot code and match it up to see the watershed your product came from.